Welcome to EuroTeleSites

EuroTeleSites builds, maintains and provides physical infrastructure, electrical, redundant and alternative power, air conditioning, monitoring, alarm and security for a wide range of telecommunications and networking (IoT) services. The company leases and rents space for strategically positioned on-site facilities, rooftop antenna masts, technical rooms, equipment cabinets and containers at over 2,700 attractive locations nationwide, including near land transportation arteries, natural sites, national landmarks, mountain and seaside resorts.

As a leading provider of telecommunications physical infrastructure, EuroTeleSites is constantly developing its network of sites, offering its customers comprehensive, reliable and customized wholesale services for a wide range of users. The company was established to meet the growing demand for high-quality network solutions and to lay a solid foundation for the future development of 5G networks.

EuroTeleSites Bulgaria is part of EuroTeleSites Group

Strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe

EuroTeleSites offers comprehensive solutions for building and maintaining mobile networks. We rely on local teams at home and abroad that can quickly and efficiently build multiple network sites.

EuroTeleSites is a company committed to sustainable development. We believe that values such as environmental protection and social responsibility are part of our daily lives and the basis of our long-term success.