Wireless Service Portfolio

EuroTeleSites has one of the most developed network infrastructures in Bulgaria. It provides many opportunities for our partners to develop and expand their networks. A1 Towers Bulgaria offers a variety of solutions for building and maintaining all kinds of telecommunication services. Our team consists of leading experts who work separately with each client in order to provide the best possible service. They offer quick solutions for network development tailored to the dedicated budget.

What we offer

Attractive locations

Strategically positioned facilities and infrastructure on terrain and on roof spaces at the most attractive locations

A team of experts

Teams of dedicated professionals and local experts who advise our partners throughout the whole process: planning and design, hiring, issuing permits, overall management and technical support.

planning and design


insurance and permits


technical support

Simplified processes

Simplified processes for the realization of access and sharing of network sites.

Individual approach

Unconventional solutions and individual approach for quick and efficient implementation of each project, regardless of its scale and type.

Additional Services

In partnership with A1 Bulgaria

Video surveillance and systems for monitoring of insured sites.

Monitoring and control of the signaling security and air-conditioning systems.

Video surveillance and tracking systems for insured objects.

Environmental monitoring, including meteorological, seismic and fire alarms.

Solar systems for production of electric and redundant or emergency power supply.

Charger stations for electric vehicles.

Access and sharing of infrastructure

EuroTeleSites owns and operates a wide variety of telecommunication infrastructure, enabling maximum network radio coverage and high-tech solutions throughout Bulgaria. This allows EuroTeleSites Bulgaria to provide attractive infrastructure sharing services from all operators providing electronic communications services in Bulgaria, IoT providers and state institutions.

EuroTeleSites Bulgaria guarantees high quality, stability and reliability of network connectivity thanks to monitoring and control systems (access, power supply, security, air-conditioning, etc.).

Custom solutions for using telecommunication infrastructure

EuroTeleSites Bulgaria offers personalized solutions for using infrastructure as part of its portfolio. We review and evaluate all challenges related to the acquisition, planning and construction of each of our customers’ locations and offer them complex network solutions. We have many suitable locations in each specific area so that customers can select the sites that best fit their needs. We provide all the necessary data for each site, including property information, adjacent infrastructure, information about regulatory requirements, initial site assessment and photos.